Installation is blocked at 'Host Machine' // W10 - Home 64

Greetings !

I am pretty excited to start using Local but seems like i have got some issues with the installation process.
I am using W10 - Home - 64 and after the installation of Local, the window “Welcome to Local by Flywheel - VirtualBox … - Let’s go” don’t shows up !
I tried reboot / uninstall / redownload the software etc. but i can’t find where the problem come from.

Maybe you can give me a hand for that !
Let me know if u want any clarification.

Thanks by advance !

Thanks to this post my problem is know solved

but i’m facing an other one.
I am know blocked at the installation of Host Machine. The arrow is spinning forever, without any error message
Here is my local’s log file
local-by-flywheel.log (129.7 KB)