Local Installations: Problems with installations

I’ve done a chat with Local and they advised I ask community.

I’ve installed Local on my regular computer a few weeks ago. There were significant problems with the installation but in a nutshell my IT “guy” figured out that the core problem was that both local and bitnami had real issues with port assignments. We don’t know if this was because of bitnami being installed first and worked ok. But it took him a while to reassign both to different ports. Bitnami is on 8080. But Local has a more significant problem, it interfers with ms printing ports. So we had to shut down http services to get it to work. The port assignment he forced local on, fails when the computer is rebooted.

I am trying to do another installation today on my second computer: webdev but local also failed to install properly, throwing an opcache error. The site would not install.

I contacted Local chat help, who looked at both local logs and said they have the same errors with ports. If I can’t get Local loaded on two different computers without having to fiddle with port assignments and shutting down http services, I won’t be able to use it, nor the pro version. I do prefer local to bitnami. But right now bitnami works.

Any help you can provide, even if I don’t understand it, my IT guy could. Thank you

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