Local is too slow with wordpress and windows 10

I’d love to dig into this more. In my mind, the first question is where the performance slowdown is happening:

  1. Is it happening within Local with slow click events or transitions within the Local UI?
  2. Is it happening within the Web browser for the actual WordPress site?

That second option is more than likely due to a specific mix of plugins and themes, so it’s hard to replicate without knowing more about an individual site. I’m happy to take a closer look and try to replicate if you can point me to an example site that I can test on.

For the first item – slowness of Local itself – I was able to replicate a bit as well as tinker with Windows settings to improve things. For reference, here’s what I did:

I have an older Dell xps 13 i5-5200U with 8.GB ram. (I think 2015 model?) It runs Linux well and a somewhat clean install of Windows eventually runs ok, but the overall OS feels sluggish to me.

One thing I noticed right away is that there was some slowness within Local when creating new sites. I was curious to see what things were going on and after opening the Task Manager and monitoring things during a new site creation, two things stood out:

  1. SearchIndexer.exe
  • According to Howo Geek, this is indexing new sites so that they are available for windows to search.
  • Add exclusions to “Windows Search Settings”
  1. msmpeng.exe
  • According to Howto Geek this program looks like this is part of Windows defender and is probably scanning all of the files that are being created when a new site is created.
  • Add exclusions to “Virus and Threat protection” settings.

Zooming out a bit, creating new sites does create a lot of files. Off the top of my head there are:

  • All the WP files
  • All the “server” files (configuration and data files for PHP/nginx/MySQL)

I went ahead and added exclusions for Local related files to both of those tools and creating a site does feel faster. That might be a good first step. Would you be able to record a screencast so that I can take a closer look and have a better idea of how to replicate the issues that you are seeing?

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