Local Lightning 5.2.3 Painfully Slow on Win10

Running Local Lightning 5.2.3 on a Windows 10 machine (i7-3930k + 32GB Ram + 860 EVO SSD)

On a pretty much blank install sites are running much slower than my shared hosting siteground server. In general, pages take twice as long to load with anything that requires a little bit more in execution time taking an eternity. The best example I’ve found of this is a theme demo content importer which would take maybe a few minutes on the server, taking over an hour on this local install (As of writing it’s been 1hr, 5mins and it’s at 90% complete)

Looking at task manager while this is happening I can see the respective PHP/Local/MySQL processes running, all using barely any ram and 0% CPU usage.

Something is preventing these processes from being able to use the resources from being able to use the available resources but I have no idea what.

Any help on things I can try to speed things up would be appreciated.


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