Local Lightning: nginx continues running in background


Quick background, I do a lot of development on different platforms, and rely on Docker containers for my test environments, but always liked Local for it’s simplicity, so thank you for that!

Local Lightning doesn’t need virtualization, which means I can go back to using it, and my thought was that I could then close Local when I needed to do non-WordPress related dev work that needs my docker containers.

It turns out when you end Local, it gives a warning that your sites will no longer be available, but nginx keeps running in the background and has control of port 80.

The expected outcome is that all Local related services are shut down when I end Local it self, since they serve no purpose (the actual sites running under it are inaccessible without Local running as well) at this point.

Yes, this is really annoying. I have to kill nginx every time I need the port.

And even more annoying is the fact that nobody from the Devs is responding to this issue.

This unexpected behaviour is still present in 5.2.5. I came across it recently and figured it must be still running some processes after quitting; thanks to this thread I have a quick workaround.

Unfortunately the uninstall instructions for Local Lightning are incorrect, in that they refer to Local by Flywheel, i.e. the previous version running in Virtualbox. So I don’t have an approved way of removing this app, because presumably if I just delete the app from the Applications folder, the nginx component will remain.