Local Machine Not Starting Now with a Series of Errors - disk.vmdk not accessible

@clay Hi Clay: You were a savior in the past and I am hoping you will be today. I was earlier on today having no luck establishing a connection to my database and raised a support question on the topic. Since then I downloaded the latest version of VirtualBox and now I am getting a series of error messages and the local machine does not start at all now.

I am under a lot of pressure to Go live with this website before the end of November and hope to host with Flywheel. When I open the Oracle VM Virtual Manager I get the following error message:

One or more disk image files are not currently accessible. When I check which file is not accessible it highlights: disk.vmdk.

I also attach the log file for your consideration.local-by-flywheel.zip (28.2 KB)

I would really appreciate your help.



I have a similar problem, I get those messages: what can I do???

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