Local not opening after update


I downloaded the most recent update of local this morning and now my local wont open.
Iv tried restarting but that doesnt work, I would try uninstalling and reinstalling but im worried that it will delete the website iv make for my client?
When i try open it doesnt appear in the task manager or anything either.

Help would be appreciated!

Hi Charlie,

Just to confirm, you updated to Local 5.0.6?

What operating system are you running?

Hi Clay!

Yes I believe it was that, whatever the most recent one is.
I am on a surface pro 6 running windows 10

hi Local by flywheel,

Guys you are making some bold moves without testing your updates properly ! i am facing the same issue as i built 5 sites locally using localbyflywheel but after the update local wont open . i keep clicking it but it wont open . Do you guys even realise the amount of loss of time & cost i could incur by depending on you guys to build my site on ? this is unacceptable . Also i can see that your support is not even interested in resolving this problem. Well before an update you ought to have checked for the same and not make such unnecessary bold moves. What to do ? anybody anything or this is just not a reliable option anymore? Like Charlie i too am using windows 10 64 bit on a HP Spectre laptop. Funny thing is that it would run fine but after the update BOOOOMM it just wont open . This is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me so far . Please reply and resolve this.


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Also on Windows 10. Desktop. 64 Bit. Local just borked on open after update. This product… is costing me a lot of time this week.

Hey all,

I apologize for the trouble!

If you’re running into this issue please download Local 5.0.6 here and re-run the installer: Releases - Local

Do not uninstall Local prior to running the installer. The installer will handle the upgrade.

If the issue still persists, please try running the 5.0.5 installer which can be found here: Releases - Local

I can assure you that we rigorously test every release that goes out. In fact, every time we commit code it goes through a set of tests that verify functionality including (but not limited to) adding sites and deleting sites on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Also, before any update goes out to the forums or auto-updater members of our team manually test Local on macOS, Windows, and Linux to make sure our automated tests didn’t miss anything obvious.

I know how frustrating experiences like this can be but my simple ask is that you provide constructive information such as screenshots, screen recordings, log files, and so on so we can best help you. Attacks like this don’t help anyone.

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Was this version 5.0.6?

Hey all,

I tested using the automatic upgrader in the following scenarios and I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue of Local not opening after updating to 5.0.6:

  1. Windows 10 32-bit - Local 5.0.5 - Installed for current user only
  2. Windows 10 32-bit - Local 5.0.5 - Installed for all users
  3. Windows 10 64-bit - Local 5.0.5 - Installed for current user only
  4. Windows 10 64-bit - Local 5.0.5 (Dark mode enabled) - Installed for current user only
  5. Windows 10 64-bit - Local 5.0.5 - Installed for all users

If anyone has details on how to recreate this issue, please let me know!

I have a Surface Pro running Windows 10 Pro v1903 and using Local happily. It was great. Local asked me to update to v5.0.6. After updating, Local will not open. I tried reinstalling v5.0.6. Same issue. I tried installing v5.0.5. Still will not open. Is there a fix?

I have a Surface Pro running Windows 10 Pro v1903. I upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit - Local 5.0.6 - Installed for all users and Local would not open I tried reinstalling it. Still didn’t work. Then installed Windows 10 64-bit - Local 5.0.5 - Installed for all users. Still would not open.

I think I have a similar issue. Not sure. Running on Mac OS. Hung up on starting site. However, there is no problem creating a new site or starting the newly created site. If I download the latest version 5.06 and run the installer, would it solve the problem? I don’t want to lose the work already done on the existing site. Thanks.

I just wanted to update that I seem to have a similar issue with the newly created site. At the point of creation, it started the new site and then I shut it down. Now, when I tried to start the new site, it’s again hung on starting. That makes me think that something was just not right with the upgraded software, Is that right? If so, downloading and running 5.06 beta would solve the problem? Thanks.

My issue is different. The Local program itself will not start any more

Hi @ghillier,

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing an issue after updating Local. Can you please attach a copy of your local logs (how to grab those: https://local.getflywheel.com/community/t/how-do-i-retrieve-locals-log-file/)


We can close this post. I can now open local I had to repair the OS. However, I now have another problem. See post Local Router Won't Start - error log attached.


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Great news! Thanks for letting us know!

Hello Clay,
Just wanted to update that I also have the same issue. I believe it happened after installing the new version of 5.0.6. I have re-installed and also later installed 5.0.5 as suggested by you in the above. However the issue persists. I am using Windows 10. I have sent logs to the support desk team. Thanks for looking into this.

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