Will not open on Windows 10 after update

My Local will not open after I updated it. I then deleted it and installed again and it still will not open.

I have Windows 10 .

Hi @brian1,

Please check Task Manager for any running Local by Flywheel background processes and end them if they are running.

See Local does not start consistently. Multiple instances running in background for more details.

Hi Clay,

I have tried this but still no luck.

This has only started to happen since I updated it today.

Since then I have completed deleted it and installed again , still the same.

And I have followed your instructions , still the same,

Help please.

Is Local not opening at all after clicking on the icon or are you seeing something else like a frozen/stuck screen?

Also, have you tried restarting your PC? This will ensure that there are no lingering processes preventing Local from opening.

Yes, I have tried turning it off.

I am going to attach 5 screen shots of the errors that I am getting after each time I press ok.

I got it working, a guy at work updated Java for me.

He saved me :slight_smile:

Awesome, glad to hear! Thanks for following up :slight_smile:

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