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Local on another computer

Is is possible to link the same local account on 2 computers? I work mainly on an imac in the office but I would like to be able to work on the same sites using local on my laptop. However I’ve installed local on my laptop, signed in and I dont see any sites there? Do they not sync?

Local sites don’t sync.

Thanks Alex, so now way to have the same development environment on 2 machines?

Correct. The account you log in to is to manage things like access to certain features. But you can’t synchronize local sites to my knowledge. I think some folks have tried to do syncing by saving the site to Dropbox, but that seems dangerous to me because it is just the files. The database is stored deep in Local’s support folder. Usually you also have Local editing config files deep in your OS to enable its URLs. So what makes up a Local site isn’t really conducive to syncing.

What you can do is export sites from one computer, then import them to another. Use a source control system to move any plugins or themes you are developing between sites (including the live public sites) and keep the changes you make tracked. But this divorces their data between the two computers. Any edits to content of sites you’d need to make twice. Depending on your use cases for Local this may be just fine (it is for me, since I mainly use Local for plugin and theme development and testing updates before installing them on live public sites).

Thanks for the detail. Seems like a no no frought with downstream potential to get into a mess.
Appreciate the insight and the time you took to explain, thank you.

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