Local Router Error: 502 Gateway

Hello, Flywheel gang. You guys have a great product. Ran into some bumps today though when creating a new site and importing data via DB Migrate Pro.

I have done this a number of times on other sites and never had issues. Today, however, even after uninstalling and reinstalling Flywheel – and creating a brand new client site – I receive the errors below when importing tables:


Status: 502 Bad Gateway

Local Router Error
Our apologies for the inconvenience. The Local router is not able to connect to the site you requested.

We suggest you try the following:

Restart Site - Go to the Local by Flywheel app and restart the site you are attempting to access.
Contact us - If the issue persists please contact us.

logs.zip (1006 Bytes)

Also added some logs.

Hey everybody. Just wanted to check in on this post. Anyone ever receive these types of errors when pulling data in from a different Wordpress install hosted elsewhere?