Local Router Error, plugins disappearing on update - HELP!

Hi all -

I just updated to 2.0.3 (Mac) and all hell has broken lose. First I had some plugins that needed updating on a site I’ve been working on, so I click to update and it says “Failed to update - Can’t remove old file” - then the plugins disappear from my Wordpress admin (but they are still visible in the local folder on my drive).

I then switched my server from Nginx to Apache, thinking that might help - but no change.

Now I can’t even access the site I was working on. I tried downgrading to 2.0.1 like some had suggested, but I’m still encountering the problem.

I also tried turning off “Faster Docker Volumes” in preferences - and still no change.

Please tell me there is a way to recover all of my work!

Ok, I’ve managed to recover my plugins folder from my Time Machine backup, so that is not a concern of mine.

I still can’t get Local to load the site. Still getting the Local Router Error. I’ve tried a fresh copy of 2.0.1 and fresh copy of 2.0.3 - same results. I’ve even tried restarting Virtual Server as suggested on other posts, still no luck.

Are there any other tricks I can try? I would love it if someone could please chime in.

Thank you!

Try looking at this thread. Timeouts during nginx xdebug session

Solved my Local Router Error issues.