Local Shuts Down When Battery Reaches 4%

Working on my MacBook Pro, I noticed that Local will shutdown when the battery reaches 4% or less. The blue “start machines” button shows up and I have to restart everything.

Any idea why this is happening and/or if it’s possible to stop it?

This is the default behavior for how VirtualBox handles VMs. It saves the state of the VM and then suspends it.

Here’s a StackExchange thread if you wish to change that behavior. Please note: you may risk data loss if the VM is halted unexpectedly by your battery dying.

It sounds like it’s best to just leave it alone, or run the risk of losing data. Nice to understand why it’s happening though. Thank, Clay!

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I just had this happen here, and while I fully understand and support the reason VB is shutting down, I was a bit surprised that Local’s UI did not reflect the shutdown – I found out it wasn’t running when I tried to stop all sites (since I could not connect to one).

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@philby, I agree. It took me a while to figure out where the problem was exactly.

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