Local site import database error

Hi. I’ve got an existing Wordpress site that’s been developed locally in MAMP Pro. As per instructions I’ve zipped a folder containing the exported database and the wp-content folder and dropped this onto the Local app. Begins to import but then fails – I’ve attached a screenshot of the error which is related to the database. I’ve changed the site url it mentions in lines 1 & 2 of the wp_options entry to match the name of the site Local launches but doesn’t make a difference. Not sure how to get around this? Any ideas?

If MAMP is running, you might want to quit the program because I have noticed that if Docker desktop is running then Local will try to use that socket instead of Local’s own socket which is located on my system under:
/Users/spencer/Library/Application\ Support/Local/run/RXNPLVqZ7/mysql/mysql.sock

Can you also check your logs at this location while trying to import the file?
My workflow is to tail this log while importing so I can see what’s output. Change spencer to your Mac’s user.

tail -f /Users/spencer/Library/Logs/local-lightning.log

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