"Local site path" not allowing me to choose a folder

Trying out Local by Flywheel for the first time, and trying to create my first site to test already came across an issue which Googling hasn’t solved for me.

I’m wanting the site files to be stored in a directory of my choosing, in in the default “local-sites” directory. After browsing and choosing a directory I have created, it displays an error message “You must have a path in C:Users or in another drive”.

The directory I want to choose is “C:\MyStuff\Flywheel\flywheel-test”
Why is this not allowed?

Hey @deeve007, glad to have you in the Local community!

This is a limitation of version 3.x but the latest beta of Local (version 5.0.7 as of now) supports other locations on the C drive. You can download that here:

Cool, I’ll give it a try. How stable would you say this beta is? I don’t want to make the switch from Xampp if losing my local sites is a risk.

The beta program goes through a pretty strict process for release. In my experience it has been very stable but it currently does not have custom environment variable options.