Can I move the "Local sites" directory to another Disk/Drive of my PC

I just installed LOCAL by Flywheel on my PC / Windows v.10
During the Installation there was no choice to where the app will be installed. so by default is installed on my main drive which in my case is “C”.
Is it possible to move the “LocalSites” directory to another Drive of my PC where I have more available space?
If yes, how can I do that without creating conficlt to the main app’s dashboard?

I’ve read this thread but I could not understand the steps reagarding my case…

Thank you in advance for your help!

I found the settings in Preferences, where I’ve changed the path for the new sites.
So :smile:

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How do you change it for existing sites?

I’ve succeeded in moving individual sites directories as follows:

  1. Close Local
  2. Move site folder to new location
  3. Open C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\Local\sites.json in a plain text editor (Notepad, etc). This file stores, among other things, the paths of all your Local sites.
  4. Edit your site’s path to match new path and save the file.
  5. Start Local and test.

The only problem is that Local doesn’t seem to like it when the site folder is on a drive other than C: (on Windows) when the server being used is Apache. Switching to Nginx fixes the problem and then it work regardless of which drive the folder is in. I’ve just reported this problem on this forum, hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

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