Local starts to launch then crashes and vanishes

After several weeks finally got a version that launched yesterday. Now today I try to launch it and it starts to open - I get the full screen but it doesn’t go green - and the window in the middle which yesterday was saying a new version was available (and I updated from yesterday) starts to appear - just the shape of it - all white and no Local style green anywhere - and then it all vanishes and the icon disappears from my dock. Got into it fine yesterday. Any idea what is wrong this time? I’m on a mac using sierra.

Update: it’s the next day after my post above. I uninstalled the App again. NOW I go to the website to redownload and the Download button does nothing. I am pulling my hair out - anyone know what is wrong with the download button? Is there a limited number of times one user can download? I have reinstalled several times and wonder if I am being blocked. I was able to install WP for the first time the other day before it started crashing again - and now I don’t even have the App. Is it normal for this App to have so many problems? Thanks for any suggestions or help anyone can give - Local was recommended to me over other options but it’s seems to be impossible to use and full of bugs. Still trying tho!!! Thanks.

Hi Ceri,

So sorry for the trouble! I’m not sure why the “Download” button isn’t working for you, but you may want to check your download history in your browser and see if it was starting without showing anything.

As far as Local crashing goes, do you know what version you are running? Are you on Windows or macOS?

Hi again Clay,

So I downloaded Local again - put it in Applications - and opened it. I’m on a macbook pro using Sierra op system just FYI. So the next screen I got was that smaller one saying that there was an updated version (even tho I just downloaded whatever version is up there today on the download page) that fixes bugs - so I clicked to do that and this error window eventually popped up. It took a long time and everything else I am doing on the computer today has all but ground to a halt. Tried to close programs but very, very slow to respond - endless spinning thinking wheel.
Here’s the window that came up on Local:
Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.55.30 AM

Well I have tried to drag and drop and also copy / paste the screen shot over and I get an error window on both so I’m going to type in here what it says:

Error while updating:
ditto: Local by Flywheel.App/Contents/Frameworks/Electron Framework.Framework/Versions/A/Electron
Framework: No such file or directory
ditto: Couldn’t read pkzip signature.

The box to type to you also has an endlessly scrolling circle - just FYI.

I haven’t hit OK on the error box mentioned about yet but will soon I guess. Please advise.

Thanks Clay.

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