Can't load Local 2.0 onto Mac with Sierra

I am new to Local. I’m trying to install a fresh install on a Mac with Sierra. A guy in GetFlyWheel Support is telling me he is having the same problems and there is a file issue with Sierra.
I download Local - move to desktop - unzip - I have tried opening from desktop and from Applications folder - either way it verifies then when I click to open it I get a white screen for a few seconds then the whole thing just closes and is gone. Please advise - thanks! On the previous version over the last week I was getting further into the process but when trying to set up site was getting error screens telling me WP was not installed. Can’t get that far now with this latest version. Thanks for your help resolving this.

Hi Ceri,

Sorry for the trouble!

Do you remember who you were talking to so I can get a little more context?

Also, can you please provide the log file for Local? You can find it by opening Local then going to Help » Reveal Local’s Log in the top menu bar.

Talking with Austin Hillman. Looking for the other thing you are asking for - one min. Thanks!

OK so I got Local to stay open just long enough to hit Help - Reveal - Local has shut down again but the Log window remails. What in there would you like? Bunch of folders.

I can send screen shots but have an appointment have to leave for now - back in a little over an hour - sorry!!

There should be a file named local-by-flywheel.log

You can upload that here or you can e-mail it to