Local takes 20 minutes to start - now won't start at all

Good morning, I’m new to Local by Flywheel and unfortunately it hasn’t been going very well. Most days it takes 20 minutes to start or more because of repeated 503 Service Unavailable errors. Today it refuses to update and keeps asking me to update in addition to 503 erros after it does update. If you could please advise on how to fix this it would be appreciated - you can’t really be productive when you aren’t sure if your local dev environment is even working. Thank you!

Exactly the same experience for me - and I am completely new to this too. I downloaded it successfully last night (despite some error messages) and started my first web site (locally) and was just playing around with adding images, text etc. This morning it wouldn’t start so I uninstalled and downloaded again, I even turned off (briefly) my anti virus software during download as I thought this might be “interfering” with it. Its now been “staring local machine” for around 15 minutes so clearly its got issues. Its all very frustrating.

Er… I mean “starting local macine” - apologies for the typo. As I say I am new to this and I am keen to get a business website written using WP so any help or suggestions as to what to try would be gratefully received. Thanks, Howard

Machine. Blimey, my typing…