Local v6 – Where'd the Bloody Port Numbers Go?!

In Version 5, I was able to under Advanced and choose the localhost router mode. This would tell me the port number per install. In Version 6, it’s gone. There’s no port displayed next to the Site Host under the Overview tab.

This is a huge deal. I can no longer test remotely!

Screenshot illustrating is how it was in version 5 and missing from version 6.

Hey @djmtype – thanks for creating this topic!

This bug was introduced when we removed Instant Reload into an Add-on and was missed in the final QA before releasing “pro-for-everyone.”

We have it on our list to fix this soon, but as a temporary work-around, you should be able to install the Instant Reload add-on from the add-ons library within Local.

Let us know if you run into any issues or have any other questions!

That’s awesome news @ben.turner. Thanks!

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