What happened to site domain?

I just downloaded version 5.2.5 and I see that we no longer have site domain option
for example localsite.local
now everything is in localhost:PORT_NUMBER

can you please bring that feature back? it was very helpful

Hi there!

There’s a newer feature to allow you to use port based routing instead of domain names. Could you check this option in the preferences? Go to Preferences->Advanced and make sure Router Mode is set to “Site Domains”.


ok thanks
now I get an error about port conflict
I didnt have this issue with the older version

visiting example.local brings “It Works!” and not the site

I had the same problem. Stopping my own local apache got rid of the port conflict. For now, I’ve ditched Local 5 and gone back to my own native localhost. Way too many issues with Local. It’s one thing after another. It’s been months since I was able to run one site for an entire day. Not the kind of efficiency I’m looking for.


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