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Local Volumes add-on stopped working in 2.3.2

Hi all,
it seems that the Local Volumes add-on is not compatible with the 2.3.2 FlyWheel release, and the new 1.3.0 custom environment. See my issue on GH:

Now, because I really need this functionality, I’d like to go and fix myself, but without some documentation on the APIs exposed by Local, that’s pretty impossible.

If someone from the core team is reading, please give me at least some directions on which APIs are changed in a breaking way, and if possible provide the new syntax.

The culprit of the Volumes add-on is the following snippet of code:

	'Image': image.Id,
	'Cmd': _this5.state.path,
	'Tty': true,
	'ExposedPorts': exposedPorts,
	'HostConfig': {
		'Binds': _this5.state.volumes.map(function (volume) {
			var source = _this5.formatDockerPath(volume.source);
			return formatHomePath(source) + ':' + volume.dest;
		'PortBindings': portBindings
}).then(function (container) {

	site.container = container.id;

	if ('clonedImage' in site) {
		if (typeof site.clonedImage != 'string') {
		} else {
			site.clonedImage = [site.clonedImage, image.Id];
	} else {
		site.clonedImage = image.Id;

	siteData.updateSite(siteID, site);

	startSite(site).then(function () {
		sendEvent('updateSiteStatus', siteID, 'running');

			provisioning: false

			title: 'Volumes Remapped',
			message: 'Volumes for ' + site.name + ' have been remapped.'


It’s pretty straightforward, and I simply need to know what’s not compatible anymore in 2.3.2 / custom 1.3.0

Thanks for your support,

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Ok, well, it’s obvious Local is using dockerode to interact with the docker daemon, so that API should not have changed in a braking way…

This must be a really minor change, please help me spotting it, so I can make a PR fixing it on GH…

Thanks again!

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After a couple hours of trial and error without any luck, I can only tell you that if you try changing the Local Enviroment config, Local will automatically remap de volumes.

This doesn’t solve the issue with sites getting stuck at Provisioning but at least I can keep working on my projects, so…

@clay any progress?

Hey all,

Version 1.2.1 of the Local Volumes Add-on is now available. Please let me know how it works for you all!

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Tested and it works!

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Great! Thanks for testing it :smiley:

Hey clay,

Is there an updated version of this add on available for the most recent version (6.4.2+6012) of Local? If not, could you please provide alternative instructions on how to change the location of the Local Sites folder.


There is no need for it as Local no longer relies on VirtualBox.