When will Add-ons be supported in the new Local?


First, I think you guys are doing a good job. I enjoyed the previous system, and the new one is even better; I mean, it’s the same, but so much faster!

However, I think you should be a bit more careful with the naming (it’s hard to find information about “local” on the web since it can be anything), and renaming an app from “Local by Flywheel” to “Local” (but it is also “Local Lightning” in someplace, not in the software itself though) is really confusing.

The big issue I have is the lack of Addons in the new beta (and I kind of regret to have upgraded everything without having checked that first). I absolutely need the Volumes Add-On. Is there a way to add it anyway? Can we already develop plugins for the new Local? Do you know when it will be added? In fact, is it even possible in the new architecture of Local? I would love a honest reply, as I need to choose the best architecture for my future environments. If I can’t have symlinks, I will not be able to use it.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You don’t need the Volumes Add-on for Local 5.x, it works great with normal symlinks.

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I’m also needing the Volumes add-on so I can use symlinks across volumes.

He there! Add-ons will return soon. We’re hard at work refactoring them for Lightning.

The symlinks work, indeed, but what would be lovely is being able to clone an install, or to create a new install from an existing one while still having those symlinks; if you try to do this now, you’ll get empty directories.

In fact, the Volumes plugin wasn’t working perfectly in that aspect too.

To be honest, I would be really willing to pay for that to be supported, as I really need it (I close installs for testing quite a lot and I lose a lot of time re-creating the symlinks every time, even though I have scripts for this)

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