Local WP PRINTS MY PASSWORD to the screen when it errors

Bug Summary

I tried to create or clone a site (can’t remember, believe it was create) and I entered my password (no unicode characters or anything wacky, but did have special characters of course) and it printed an error that I didn’t read and immediately closed when I saw MY ENTIRE PASSWORD split up and printed in plain text on my screen (was screensharing).

I’ve encountered numerous bugs with Local WP today, but I couldn’t not report this one.

Steps to reproduce

I apologize for the imprecise steps, as it’s just going off memory and I’ve spent several hours trying to debug local today and yesterday, and I’m only now writing down the steps from memory.

  1. Plus button to create a new site
  2. Try selecting a folder that still has files in it and select “override existing files”
  3. At some point, it asks for your username, password, and email
  4. It errors, showing a small system modal with about 20 or 30 lines that shows my password in plain text.

Environment Info

  • Windows 10
  • Current latest stack (MYSQL 8.0.16, PHP 8, WP version 6.1.1, NGINX)
  • Local WP version 6.6.0+6231

Supporting info

Cannot attach log as the website no longer exists.

I know you don’t have much to go off of here, but PLEASE do look into this. It’s beyond absurd that anyone should have their password printed in plain text in an error message.

Hi @justingolden

Thank you for reporting. I don’t believe we’ve come across this before. Have you been able to easily replicate with the steps you provided?

You should still be able to provide us a Local Log even if you removed the site it will still log the details in your app. Retrieving Local’s Log File