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Multisite compatibility


So I realize that localWP does not support multisites as of now, BUT I just wanted to point out, it would be amazing if you guys did support it, as you would get many more use cases out if it!

I also wanted to let you know that I found a way to enable multisite, once you add a site you can get into your local host file and just copy the main sites’ line of code for the local site and just change the “www” to your subdomain. The only thing is, every time you turn the server off it rewrites itself, so you have to go in and change it every time you want to use localWP as a workspace for a multisite.

It would be great if you guys can implement this to localWP!


Hi @tylerb!

Thank you for your feedback and notes! We are always looking for ways to improve Local so we appreciate it. Multisite can definitely be a tricky thing to work with. We’ve got a helpful guide here for anyone just starting out: WordPress Multisite with Local - Local

@Nick-B Yea, I followed that guide at first but the SQL command seemed not to work and the multisite I imported was strange, the main site came in as a local site but the added sub-site was the actual live site.

Thanks for the details @tylerb! I’m glad you were able to work around and get things up and running for now.

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