LocalWP on Debian problems - Router not running?

What issue or error are you experiencing?

Basically this:

When using LocalWP in “Domain” mode, an error pops up when attempting to start (or add) a site.
While with some hacks sites run in localhost mode, this is not preferable.

What I noticed was a difference in behaviour compared to macOS;
With LocalWP in Domain mode, on macOS, when I ask for a site that is not running, a splash screen is shown that states that fact. On Debian, all I get is the browser error page that says server not responding.

This says to me; the nginx router is not running.

In old versions, we had an option “restart router” – I don’t see that in 7.x.
Also, the Router log stays empty; nothing to report. Clearly there are problems, so empty log says to me; not even an attempt is made at starting the nginx service.

In localhost mode, using nginx as a site preference instead of apache, the same error occurs.

Conclusing: the problem is with the bundled nginx software.

Weird thing is; on Ubuntu 23.04 (a debian derivative), this seemed not to be a problem to my recollection, but It has been a while since I switched to debian 12 and have no running Ubuntu instance to verify.

System Details

  • 7.1.2+6410 (latest .deb as of writing)

  • Linux Debian 12, kernel 6.1.0-11-amd64

Local Logs

local-lightning.zip (14.2 KB)
And as stated; there are no router log files.