Lost C: drive and my sites

I’ll put the edit here at the top so you won’t have to read the rest.

I got it! The instructions in the post did nit say the the site needed to be started before opening the SSH. Once I did that everything worked great.

I’m going to repost this because it looks like it just vanished (not my night). If it’s a duplicate, please forgive me.

Lost my C: drive this afternoon and had to reload everything for Win 10 on up. I had my local folder on another drive so all the site files are intact. I founds a post about restoring a site from it’s original files but I’ve hit a snag on the last step. Here are the instructions - just easier to copy them here than try to tell what I have done.

  1. Rename all of the folders in your Local Sites folder to something like SITE-backup
  2. If the site still exists in Local with a “Container Missing” error, delete it.
    Create new sites for each using the existing domains and paths. So, if it was site before, you’ll use
    site again

Browse back to the Local Sites folder and delete the newly created site folder and rename SITEbackup back to site. This is done because you can’t create sites over site folders that already exist.
5. Right-click on the site in Local and go to “Open Site SSH”
Enter myloader -p root -d /app/sql --overwrite-tables --database local … This will load in
the SQL files in /app/sql
7. Check the site and make sure it looks right

All is well until I get into SSH and enter the command line that is in the post. I have two error messages that look to be important. The first is in the command box when I oen the SSH:

C:\Users\gene>“C:\Users\gene\AppData\Local\Programs\local-by-flywheel\resources\extraResources\virtual-machine\vendor\docker\windows\docker.exe” exec -it c880f6610191964db367b460ad47a7a9a99973b6112d4d13c191a07bbeb70cec /bin/bash
Error response from daemon: Container c880f6610191964db367b460ad47a7a9a99973b6112d4d13c191a07bbeb70cec is not running

The second comes after I input the command line as copied from the post and I get:

C:\Users\gene>myloader -p root -d /app/sql --overwrite-tables --database local
‘myloader’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Anyone have an idea what is happening or if there is another way to approach this?

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Hey @mrsam999,

So glad you were able to resolve the issue by making sure the site was started before opening SSH and thanks for choosing Local by Flywheel!


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