Migrating sites after clean install


Update I was able to get my sites back following the instructions in this thread:


I just did a clean install to update to High Sierra. I have multiple backups of my sites folder as well as my user folder so I thought it would be a matter of copying all of the files over including the hidden docker volumes, Application Support files, Group Containers, etc.

While all of my sites showed up they were missing the containers. I followed the instructions here: How can I restore a site from a Local site folder?

But I was getting the same error as others: ** (myloader:338): CRITICAL **: the specified directory is not a mydumper backup

Unfortunately I didn’t export my sites before doing the clean install (I know, I know) so without suggesting the above method (which fails), can you list all of the files/components I need to copy over from my backups to restore all of my previous sites?



Having the same issue here, would love a solution otherwise I’ve lost 4 sites to the abyss.

I got my sites back!

@janek Follow the instructions in this thread:


Hope it helps.

Thanks I’ll have a look! Interestingly I only have the Virtual Box folder outlined in your link. To be fair though I am doing this without a Timemachine backup. I just have the files from a backup drive.

I think the the lesson here is that there needs to be a direct way to reimport Local sites back into Local.

And it should be as simple as dragging and dropping the uncompressed folder of your Local site onto Local and having it reimport the site for you.

I’ve just switched to Local from MAMP Pro on a new High Sierra build, mostly because Local is free, fast, and simple. But when my build failed and I had to reinstall everything, I went looking in this forum for a direct way to reimport my Local sites into Local.

… And I didn’t really find one. What I found were workarounds – create a new site with the same name, copy the files over, do some jiggerypokery with the SQL database – and so on.

But suppose you’ve got a couple dozen client sites on your computer. You’ve got them backed up of course. But why the headache of reimporting them one by one in this time-consuming, error-prone way?

And, to read the stories, the method doesn’t always work. There are lots of cries for help, all over the forum.

I like the fact that Local keeps the database files right in the site folder where you can see them. That makes copying and backing up your sites easy. So why should it be complicated to restore them when you move to a different computer or when you have to restore from a backup?

I was lucky, I hadn’t really started working in Local yet, and so I could just reimport the zip files I had imported from MAMP. But other people weren’t. And they’re suffering needless grief.

I hope someone at Flywheel is listening (@clay?). And I hope they come up with a fix for this before I get into real trouble, and before other people using Local waste more time trying to do something that should be drag-and-drop simple.

Off my soapbox.

I’m in the same situation, I’m looking at having to do a reinstall, I posted on the forum for help 3 days ago, nothing, silence…

Any updates here? I am recovering from a very ugly failed windows update, and I need to move my sites to a clean install.