Lost my sites after updating from 3.3 to 5.0.2

I updated and then lost my sites. They are there but I just don’t know the location because I tried creating a site with the same name as one of the sites I previously had and it says there’s a site with that name there already. Just that the dashboard isn’t populated with the lists of sites built on earlier version.

I guess I could just import them but again I can’t even find them to begin with.

You need to export them from Local 3.x and import them into Local 5.x.

so I need to reinstall local 5.x then export and import manually? Just confirming. I’m a little surprised by this solution

You need to export the sites from Local 3.x and then import into Local 5.x

Your above response was reversed.

You can have both versions installed at once, you just can’t run them both at the same time as they overwrite the hosts file.

You’re right. I said 5.x when it should’ve been 3.x. I wil do just that. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. Have a good one!

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