macOS Ventura WP-CLI fatal error TypeError: implode()

@philby Hey Phil - no worries, thanks for hopping in.

Not yet, there isn’t an Apple Silicon build of Local that doesn’t require Rosetta 2. Like @afragen mentioned, it is about the lightning services (PHP, mySQL, nginx, Apache, etc). The app itself + PHP are compiled for Apple Silicon, and that is where 90%+ of the performance improvements came from. Beyond the app + PHP, we saw diminishing returns as we looked into the other services.

That’s not to say it won’t happen, or that it isn’t still on the radar. It is something we plan to do! We’ve been heads down in PHP land and pipeline automation to make that smooth going forward - and frankly, so we have time to do other things like this rather than get pulled into PHP updates several times a year :slight_smile:

Edit: Ben must have been typing at the same time, ha! I think we have an existing feature request, but yes, we’re on it and I appreciate the bump.