Apple Silicon M1 native support

Hey @localster - thanks for reaching out! Yes, it is still actively on our development roadmap. I shared a recent update in another thread last week: macOS Ventura WP-CLI fatal error TypeError: implode() - #20 by austinwendt

The issue is in testing and stability, and frankly juggling those updates with other changes we’re working on in the application with a small team. The portion of the user base on Apple Silicon is still relatively small compared to Intel Mac and Windows, and we’ve been focused on issues/features that are cross-cutting recently. That said, it is coming :slight_smile:

Maybe a naive question on my end - Is the concern with running Rosetta performance? Are you seeing slower speeds in Local than you would like? It is pretty snappy on my personal M2 (I use an Intel Mac for work yet). Or is it more about the principle of not wanting Rosetta running on the machine? And if so, why is that?