Major problem with Flywheel

Hey guys,

I’ve been designing a site offline using Flywheel and I just clicked back into it today after a month to make it live and all I’m getting is this;

It won’t let me access the site and regardless of what button I click, all I’m seeing is this same warning.

Can anyone help me!? I’m not very technical so really worried and haven’t a clue what to do!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Probably one of your plug-ins is not compatible with the version of PHP that was updated or MySQL that was updated, or Word Press that was updated.

You need 1) stop the website, 2) manually remove plugins from your local site’s plug in folder on your drive one by one to determine what is causing the incompatibility, 3) restart the website.

Once the warning is gone, you can reinstall the identified incompatible plugin.