Make HTTPS work from local's localhost

HTTPS is set up but if I SSH in and run “curl” I get

curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused

I think the docker machine proxies all SSL connections to the individual site’s HTTP server.

With the site not listening on HTTPS some methods of HTTPS checking break, and wkhtmltopdf doesn’t work if the CSS was requested over SSL.

This has come up again. Give-WP shows an error saying “Your site appears to be blocking the WordPress ajax interface. This may cause issues with Give.”. It tests for admin-ajax.php access with wp_remote_post() which goes over HTTPS if FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is set.

Local should support local HTTPS connections!

any resolution to this? seems like many people are having this issue w/o much luck on what to do. Flywheel doesn’t seem to work 100% if using SSL on a local site. Wordpress cURL functions are broken.

Hey Local! Any response to this? Can we make it a feature request?


This should be resolved.

What version of Local are you running? Also, what’s the “Environment Version” for the sites you’re having trouble with?

Custom environment on both sites

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Right click site name and “Open Site SSH”
  2. Run curl https://othersite.local
  3. See failure :frowning:

EDIT: I installed curl myself. For a test you can do on a default install, run php -r "readfile('https://othersite.local');" instead of curl