Managing large WP_Uploads Directories

I’ve developed a few sites now, locally, using local. But after we launch, being an company that generates a lot of content with a lot of imagery, the wp-upload folder swells FAST to the point where I can no longer pull changes down from the server (Flywheel) without the sync freezing/crashing. Any tips here?

Hi @rookpsu,

Sorry for the trouble with Connect to Flywheel!

At what point does it freeze/crash? What do you see in the UI?

Also, do you know the size of the WP uploads folder off hand?

I spoke with one of your support reps over chat and I think he gave me the best suggestion of them all…. Offload S3.

FWIW though, the total site size was in the multi GB.

Rock on! I like that suggestion :slight_smile: