Manual install php extension

Trying to find any info on manual installing additional php extensions but cant see any guides?

i specifically want to install the APCU PHP: APCu - Manual extension

any help?

Hi @wildeep

You’re correct that we don’t have any documentation for this. The short answer regarding why is that adding PHP extensions isn’t “officially” supported.

The long answer is that adding extensions is technically doable (a bit more so on Windows machines) but adding extensions under MacOS/Linux opens up a lot of potential pitfalls and gotchas that make it very cumbersome.

It also looks like APCU PHP is not supported under PHP 7 or 8, so you would have to add it to an end-of-life PHP version which may not even be worth the effort either.

Hi thanks for this. its ‘apcu-bc’ which isnt compatible with php8 but apcu still is

will keep trying!

Thank you for the clarification @wildeep! If you find a workflow or process that works for you here feel free to update this thread for others to find :green_heart: