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Hi gang, I’m following the instructions at How do I compile additional PHP extensions? but it’s a mess-- I get weird error messages when I type “make”, I google around to find the dependancies I’m missing, there’s something about a version number and then php_smart_str.h is missing but that means my ./configure command is not using the right /opt/ something something ARGH OH FOR CHRIST’S SAKES I JUST WANT TO MAKE GOOD WORDPRESS SITES, NOT LEARN HOW TO BE A SYSADMIN!!! :slight_smile:

May I suggest…

Please add a nice interface to make it easy to add PHP extensions, or, even better… just ship with a ton of them already enabled/installed/whatever.

For example: I’m trying to use
This is a SUPER standard library for anyone who is developing sites that are multi-lingual (for many of your European customers, like me, I’ll bet this is quite common… here in Switzerland we do most work in 2-4 languages…)

To have to jump through a zillion hoops and still not actually succeed in getting it installed on Local really sucks :frowning:

There’s my 2c.

Any ideas for how I can get it going on my setup would be great, too. I can post all the error logs and version numbers and blah blah from my attempts and someone there can look at it, but, damn, that’s a lot of yak shaving. (Google that if you don’t know it. You’ll laugh.)

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