Media Library Won't Load, stuck with infinite progress gif

This is my first site on Local and I’m on a Mac running El Capitan. The site is from scratch with no DB import. I used to be able to upload media without an issue. Now when I try to upload new media for my posts, or even access the media library it loads infinitely with no progress. I don’t have any JS errors in the console that could explain this issue. Whenever I try to upload a new image I get the message An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later. I tried flushing permalinks too, just in case, but that did not help. I’ve also tried restarting the site and my computer a few times, in case that age old adage would help, but alas it did not.

To my knowledge the rest of the site seems to be working without issue. Looking in my uploads folder I see the media files I uploaded orginally.

So it turns out permalinks were the problem. I’m in the very beginning stages of developing a theme and somehow index.php had gotten saved within my permalink structure. Though I updated them, I missed the index.php part, once that was removed things worked again.

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@lizkaraffa, what do you mean index.php got saved within your permalinks?

I’m having the same issue you had but don’t quite understand how you solved the issue.


@jglass wow it’s been a really long time, but from what I recall within the settings > permalinks of the WP dashboard I had something like so even though I was flushing the permalinks, it was still keeping index.php as part of the url structure. I just had to edit the custom structure and remove index.php from the url to be like At least that’s what I remember. Hope that helps.

Unfortunately I don’t seem to have that issue with permalinks but still have the issue with media library and images not uploading.

I guess I’ll just start with a fresh site and go from there.