Migrated to Flywheel, still redirects to local url

I’ve exported my site from Local onto Flywheel, but it’s useless because it redirects to Local by Flywheel’s .dev url.

I’ve tried removing the redirect from wp-config and I’ve deleted my HOST files.

Hey Sarah,

Prior to migrating/deploying you need to make sure you do a find and replace of the .dev domain and change it to the live domain. Once we have official deployment functionality this will be taken care of automatically. :smiley:

Also, if you deleted your /etc/hosts file please restore it or you can run into issues with your computer.

If you’d like, please provide the e-mail of your Flywheel account and the site name you just migrated and I can fix the URL for you. Feel free to PM me those details.

Thanks Clay, I made the changes in the .mysql file and replaced the database files, but I couldn’t find any instance of it in any other files. Now I’m able to navigate to the admin dashboard but when I try to view the site it still redirects. Can you suggest what files I should be checking? Nothing is coming up when I search.

Can you please e-mail me at clay@getflywheel.com or private message me your Flywheel site information so I can take a look?

I’m experiencing the same issue.
I’ll email Clay and the help line in general.