Migrating from Pressmatic to Local

I’m a Pressmatic owner and I’m wondering about how Local will work with Pressmatic. Before I download and launch I want to make sure nothing is going to happen to my existing installs (I have about 35 sites in Pressmatic). Will it work separately or will all my installs now appear in Local?


Curious if anyone is even replying to these.

Hey Corey,

The upgrade from Pressmatic to Local is simple so there’s not much that can go wrong.

If you are worried things will go wrong keep in mind that automatic database dumps are taken every time a site is shut down so your data is safe. Also, if you wish to have even more security you can export each site from Pressmatic prior to upgrading to Local.

With all of that said, it’s a safe upgrade :slight_smile:

I’m getting errors when trying to clone installs. I waited over 30 minutes and it is stuck on Creating site container from clone, then I reboot and when trying to start it I get the following message http://d.pr/i/YGE8

Just checking—did your existing 30 sites upgrade to Local correctly?

Have you tried cloning multiple sites? Does it happen every time? If so, can you try cloning a site then providing your log by going to Help » Reveal Local’s Log?

It appears to only happen on a couple of sites. I was able to work around by exporting the site then importing it. That copy that I imported is able to be cloned.
I’ll direct message you a copy of the log

Appears there’s no way to DM or hide a reply. I’ve uploaded the log here, please let me know when you’ve downloaded it and I’ll delete it http://d.pr/f/8PLm
The install that cant’ be cloned is calendar7.dev