Missing hosts entry warning and error

Hi there,
I am trying to use Local on my Windows PC. I get a warning that says “Missing hosts entry”. I try and click the fix it button which opens a popup to allow Node.js to make changes to my computer. I click ok but get an Error that says “Could not update hosts file”
I have looked for a solution but can’t see anything really. I did see one post that said to change the read only in the hosts or something like that and I tried that but still doesn’t work.

Any ideas what I can do so I can use Local?


Looks like an EPERM Error or something when I try and start the site as well.

Hi John,

So sorry for the trouble!

Can you also provide the error that you’re seeing when starting the site?

Also, are you running any internet security, anti-virus, anti-malware, or any other security software that you can think of? I ask because it might be locking the hosts file in one way or another.