Can someone provide a proper answer?... Warning! Missing hosts entry. This site may be inaccessible

I get this message when running Local and have tried to fix it but nothing works

Warning! Missing hosts entry. This site may be inaccessible.

I am running windows 7,

can’t get this installed at all on my windows 10 laptop too

The hosts file is kind of your local nameserver, allowing you to access a site with a domain name like instead of a local ip address, like127.0.0.1…

When I had this error LOCAL suggested to fix it and automagically re-created the entry in the hosts file.

If this doesn’t work for you (it was on Mac for me), open the hosts file (something like system32/etc/hosts) as admin and enter the correct data, somtehing like #Local Site

LOCAL should already have some other entries added, so look at them as example


I don’t really know if i did it right but I pasted what you suggested into my host file. there was nothing in there previously from local so maybe that is the problem. see

Of course you need to enter the correct IP address and DOMAIN, not just this example data.

The DOMAIN name is the one shown in LOCAL site setup, by default it’s the name of the site you entered extended with .dev. The IP address is the one you can also find on the tab Database with the label “remote host”.

Normally LOCAL does this entries by itself, but it has to have admin rights to do so.

See screenshots:



It looks like you’re editing a file named hosts.txt instead of hosts. For more info on directly editing the hosts file please see

Also, when you click on the “Fix It” button in that top bar, what happens? Do you see a prompt from Node.js?

OK thanks I’ll check that out, I tried the “Fix it” but it does nothing.

I have also tried installing this on my windows laptop as that would be more ideal but I can’t get it to load past the “starting local machine” loading screen. Also Oricle VM Box came up with an error saying “cannot rename this connection. A connection with the name you specified already exists”

I’m really keen to get this working as it looks great and I want to try it out



Can you provide the local-by-flywheel.log file for both computers?

You can find it by clicking on the menu icon in the top-left of Local’s window and then going to “Reveal Local’s Log.”