Missing PDO extension for PHP 8.1 under Linux

Looks like PHP 8.1 on Linux doesn’t include support for MySQL (missing the driver). Seems to be fine on Mac/Windows.

Hey @benjamin – Thanks for bringing this up! I’ve split your reply to a new topic to help zero in on what’s going on!

While replicating on my Linux machine (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS), I do see the missing PDO extension, and will create a bug to get it fixed up.

I wanted to double check though – in my testing, I was able to create a site with PHP 8.1.9 and work with it by creating posts, uploading media, etc.

Even with the missing PDO driver, are you able to work with the site in the browser?

Somehow I missed this new post. Sorry about the delay!

Unfortunately we can’t do get anything to work because the site we are using is not WP, but a clean site that requires the PDO driver to function.

Hello @benjamin & all!

Happy to report that this bug has been addressed in the latest Beta version of Local. :tada:

You are welcome to download and test Local Beta 6.5.1 - more details can be found below:

Please watch for the latest version of Local dropping very soon with this fix!

Thank you,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

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