Modifying php.ini file gets reverted after site restart

What issue or error are you experiencing?

I’m trying to install ioncube loader. after copying the loader-wizard.php file it tells me to move some files, and MODIFYING the php.ini file, adding “zend_extention = …”, and restarting the server. After each restart, my added line in the php.ini file disspears and the file returns to its initial state, thus ioncube loader remains uninstalled
. Please help.

System Details

  • Local Version: 7.1.2

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version: Windows 11.
    Tried with Php 7.4 and 8.2

Hi @alikasaei!

You could try the steps here to see if those work for you:

Hi. Thanks.
I had found this topic earlier, and my steps are exactly the same ( he is on Linux, so some differences). my problem is that in the step 8 ( resarting the site) my configuration in the php.ini (step 7) dissapears.

Could you share your Local Log @alikasaei?

Retrieving Local’s Log File (25.6 KB)
thanks for your help in advance

I’m not seeing anything certain based on the logs, but might have a few more checks to make here.

Have you tested any reboots of your machine/Local?

Does your machine have plenty of disk space?

Are you on an office or home network? Using a VPN? Part of the log makes me thing there might be a network connection issue.

Well, I now even tested the process on my pc, which runs windows 10 and Local 6.7. ( and uses LAN connection instead of Wifi)
The same thing happens even here ( for restarting, I press “stop site”. then as soon as I press “start site”, the zend_extension line dissapears on php.ini ( I have the ini file open in VS code and I see it getting removed)

I’m on a home network. untill now, I have tested the process with both Windows 10, and Windows 11, both LAN connection and Wifi connection, Local version 6.7 and the most recent version, php 7.4.30 and the most recent php version. nginx and Apache. and MySQL and MarianDB.

about the connection, I usually use VPN. but for working with local sites, i close it. although, I am located now in Iran ( from one side, some sites are filtered here, and from another part, some sites have sanctioned Iranian users and IPs)

Hi @alikasaei,

I believe the linked instructions are outdated. Local uses a handlebars file to generate your site’s php.ini at runtime. Can you try modifying your site’s php.ini.hbs file? The changes you make to that file should not go away after restarting your site. You can find it by clicking Go to site folder > conf > php > php.ini.hbs.

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Thanks a million.
that Worked!

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