Unable to to load ioncube

I have tried but I am not able to load ioncube so I am stuck. Can ioncube be included in the local download? I have tried the installation method provided but still stuck.

Hi @bertglo

Did you try this?

Yes I tried. When I try to move the files via terminal it says the destination is not a directory… been at it for weeks…


Hi @bertglo - which version of PHP are you trying to use? And which operating system are you on?

Hi austinwendt
I tried using 7.4.30 . My OS is Ubuntu 22.04

Hi @bertglo

It looks like another user was able to have some success here:

Admittedly because it’s an older and we don’t get a lot of traction on it we haven’t done any recent testing or have documentation to provide:

If you have further questions or details please keep us posted!

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