Multi-site error

I tried to install multi-site on a current installation and ended up with this when I go to the front page of my site.

Anyone can guide me as to where to problem lays? What do I need to fix it?


Hey @PepperJeff Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

It’s encouraging that there is content there, it just looks like there are PHP warnings or errors that are showing.

It’s hard to see what the exact error message is there, we’re only able to see the last part of the stack trace. One place you might be able to get a better idea of the specific error is from the PHP error log which is located within the site folder at logs/php/error.log

Once you look in there, you should be able to do some searching on Google to see if others have encountered those errors.

One last thing to note is that Local has more verbose logging of PHP messages. This means that it will display PHP warnings whereas many remote hosts will disable PHP warnings from showing. Local does this so that you are able see potential issues early on before the site goes to a live environment.

Perfect. Thanks! I ll have a look through the logs.

Fixed it. For your information it was a plug in that was not activated…very silly.

Thanks again for your help. The logs helped me figure it out.

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