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Hey, we’re trying to find a way that we can allow two people on one network access the same sites for building, i know it can be done via live links etc but it’s really sluggish. Basically the way it works at the moment if either of the two computers creates a new site, it’s created in the same location on a local network drive - so both computers can create new sites in local, and they are stored in the same drive location.

However, only the computer that created the site can see the site in the local by flywheel site list - is there anyway that this can be shared/show the list of sites in the location itself rather than just on each individual computer

Troubleshooting Questions

Happens on all sites

Yes can create sites fine

System Details

current latest public version (no updates available)

  • What Operating System (OS) and OS version is being used?
    Latest MacOS Big Sur

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There’s no way of doing this within Local at this time. The main recommendation I would give is to have some sort of common remote site, for example a staging site, and then make all content changes there.

For development things, pull those changes down to Local and then do any development within Local. When you’re ready to share those changes, deploy the files to the staging site so that you all get access to the updates.

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