New Media Optimisation Add-On

Hi, just read an update about a new image optimisation tool add on. Just checking will this do everything that the Smush plugin does? As I develop all my sites on Local might save a plugin?

However, when the site is live I I wanted to add an image what happens then?

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Hey @LenStanley – It depends on how many features of the Smush plugin you are using.

Image Optimizer is a way for you to scan the Local Site for un-optimized images and then optimize them on your local machine so that the server isn’t taxed with wrangling and updating images.

You still have to deploy those optimized images to the server. The Smush plugin has some other features like Lazy Loading, which image optimizer doesn’t do.

But for most needs where all you want is to optimize the existing images of a site, Image Optimizer can be a great tool that doesn’t require you to add one more plugin to the site!

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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