NFS doesn't map directories in 2.0.1

After upgrading from 2.0 beta to 2.0.1 stable, I’m unable to access any sites on ports 80 or 443. Searching through the files shows that although Local reports that it’s using NFS and there are entries in /etc/exports, the directory at /app is empty so there’s nothing to actually load.

I’ve tried reinstalling Local, checking Docker configs, verifying nfsd is running, changing permissions on /etc/exports, exporting and re-importing sites, all to no avail.

I can load Mailhog, which is running on a different port, so I know the server is responding, but nothing else since the files don’t exist.

Hi Morgan,

There’s currently a bug with mounting volumes in /Volumes. We’re working on a fix and hope to have it out soon.

Thanks for the report!

Hi Morgan,

2.0.2 for macOS is now available. Please see

Sites are loading again after installing 2.0.2; the entire /Users directory is mapped instead of individual sites.

Glad to hear it!

Sharing all of /Users is normal. That’s what docker-machine does by default and the NFS share simply replaces the vboxsf share to provide much better performance.

If you use /Volumes then it will be mounted with vboxsf due to issues with NFS when trying to share both /Users and /Volumes simultaneously.