Ngrok link load is infinite

Hi !
Is anyone having issues today with the ngrok link ? I tried ti generate different links, but all are infinite to load… is it just me or … ? :slight_smile:

Hey @bandino, Welcome to the community and thanks for your patience with this!

Are you still having issues with Ngrok?

There are currently limitations on the number of connections that Ngrok will allow. We’re working on ways of improving on this sort of thing, but in the meantime, the main things you can try, boil down to:

  1. Reduce the number of requests that are made. Often times there is a limit on the number of connections, so if there are lots of assets, or other links that are going through the tunnel, then this can quickly eat through the number of requests that Ngrok allows
  2. If you are sharing the link with lots of people, this can also use up many of the requests before Ngrok will start to throttle things

One way to work around this is to deploy changes to something like a Demo site on Flywheel’s servers. I know that isn’t as convenient as a live link, but can be a good way of working around issues with Live Links.