Ngrok with https

Probably being a bit paranoid, I run all my sites, even local ones, on https.

Now when I enable “Live Link”, the ngrok session created seems to run over http as standard. This works – until one is so bold as to click any link, which go to https:// URLs.

Any https:// URL in ngrok will then not display correctly, as no CSS stylesheets, no JS and no img src are loaded – they all get the fun “was not allowed to run (or display) insecure content from” treatment.

Is there an easy fix for that besides telling a client to manually change URLs to http each and every time, or changing all back to non-SSL local hosting?

Thanks, Phil

+1 on this. I try to mimic production as much as I can locally and HTTPS support for ngrok would go a long way to getting that to happen

Right now, ngrok is basically useless unless you go http only.

Hey @philby & @mikejandreau,

I’ve made a note to look into this.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Hello Clay,
Any discoveries about https over through ngrok?

All of my work is on SSL sites and being able to do live testing on mobile devices is becoming more important. Hard to do that when style sheets, etc can’t load.


Hi @bobeaston,

I’ve worked out a fix for this. It’ll be in the next update of Local.

In the meantime, a plugin such as Force HTTPS should do the trick!

You always come through. Much appreciated!

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This plugin is working to force ngrok to load over ssl? I tried just updating the temp url to https and that works but i get a cross site scripting error. My local site is over ssl.


The Force HTTPS plugin will should take care of the mixed content errors.

That did not work. I also tried easy ssl. Forcing through SSL through WP. Nothing worked. It kept trying to serve up the content from http.

Got it. Can you give a try?

Sorry, I have been tied up on other projects but plan to circle back on this soon.