Norton detect a Threat when run installer on Windows

When I run the installer, Nortom detect a threat.

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Hi Salvador,

Sorry for the trouble! Is there any way you can copy what Norton is displaying and provide that here?


What it says is that the reputation level of the file “local-by-flywheel-1-4-5-windows.exe” is bad and the antivirus eliminated it.

Hi Salvador,

I’ve made a note of this. In the meantime I would recommend telling Norton that it is a false positive.

So sorry for the trouble!

Please look into this. I am running on Windows 10 and I have Emsisoft for anti-malware. Upon installation od Local, I received a notification of 2 Javascript files that were classified as a Trojan. The two files were quarantined during installation but the installation completed. With no surprise, there was an error after it finished. Please see the screenshots.

Local by Flywheel_Installation1

Frankly, I would be very uneasy about letting it run as a false positive. I might just go back to using WAMP.

Hi @miguelruizdesign17,

Sorry for the trouble!

Your anti-malware software flagged two JavaScript files as trojan’s which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. This is the first time I’ve seen this with Local and it seems like the anti-virus has an overzealous pattern that’s being matched.

I will reach out to Emsisoft regarding this. If you’re uneasy about the false positive, I would recommend trying a free anti-virus like Bitdefender’s Free Edition.